Consistently voted NO on increased capital spending for last 2 years

Upon swearing in, this council directly took to fixing long term debt and operational budget concerns.  We passed three financial principals 1) structural budgets, 2) delivering cost effective city services, and 3) increasing savings and reducing debt by 25% over 8 years.  Many politically difficult, but community correct, decisions were made.  The council has passed balanced budgets and is reducing debt.  However, I want to do more, I want to reduce debt further.  I have consistently voted against increased capital sending for my two years on council.  


Naperville has worked hard to maintain our small town culture of neighbor helping neighbor while experiencing tremendous growth over the past 30 years.  Naperville again is set to grow even further with the addition of downtown establishments, industry growth, and new housing developments.  But every effort must be made by the entire community, to keep that famous Naperville hometown culture.  On numerous occasions I have met with many neighbors on new growth incentives so that their voices would be heard and their concerns addressed.  Specifically, I have worked on behalf of the neighbors and with Mariano’s to address noise issues from off-hour deliveries.  It is my first priority as a city councilman to be a voice for the residents. 


This council has worked to strengthen the city's financial balance sheets, however, the long term sustainable economic growth is necessary, and the only way to hedge against increased taxes.  I have consistently been a strong supporter of the Naperville Development Partnership.  During this council, the Naperville Development Partnership was able to secure both Perma Seal and Chervon Manufacturing.  Combined, both will bring over 400 professional technology based jobs to the Naperville business community. 

As an adjunct professor of economics and as an engineer, I understand the importance of technology and how to help attract and hold more companies to relocate to Naperville.  I am the only current councilman, or candidate with a long track record with advanced technology. 

Serving our great Naperville Community is simply the joy of a lifetime.

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